Race cars, Movie Stars and Legends…

 I consider myself lucky growing up in the great car era of the 50’s-60’s-70’s. I worked on some amazing cars in that era. Drag cars, sports cars, Indy cars and met some interesting people. Even some movie stars: Paul Newman, Steve McQueen and a few others. Recently met movie star and producer, Patrick Curtis, a great guy.

I’ve competited with and met with some great racing legends, such as: Don Garlits, Tony Ivo, Shirley “ChaCha” Muldowney, Jim Liberman, Ronny Sox and Martin, Tasca Ford, Frank Federici, Jim King, Mario Andretti, Sir Jacky Stewart and countless others. Back in the ‘60’s’ we never took anything serious except for race day.

Every so often someone from way back then will call or send me an email we’ll talk or correspond and share stories about the “Good Ole Days.” We reminisce and remember the fun we had back then building and racing cars. A great friend recently sent me a photo of some racing legends we knew back then.  Great guys!9 dragracing historic racers - names

Mr. Chevrolet contestants,

Left to right, standing:

Dick Harrell, Kelly Chadwich, Bobby Wood, Bruce Larson, & Malcolm Durham.


Jim Maybeck, Frank Federici, Mike Burkhart, & Jim Liberman. Not pictured is Mel Perry, driver of Norwood Chevy.

Keep them Rolling!



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